Memphis's Aviation Scanners Back Online

Memphis's Aviation Scanners Back Online
Scanner feeds for Memphis area aviation radio on

HamWAN Memphis Metro has entered into a partnership with to bring Memphis-area ATC scanner feeds back online. As of this past week, these feeds are online and have already served nearly a thousand listeners. is the leading website for aviation and radio enthusiats to listen to realtime streams of ATC communications. Memphis historically has had a presence there, but for some time the feed was missing a suitable host and down. Ryan Turner, K0RET, learned of this opportunity for HamWAN to contribute to the wider public and pursued a partnership this past winter.

Between multiple months of coordination, COVID related project delays, and some post-deployment tweaks, the project took many months to come together. The feeder is now fully live hosted from MemHamWAN's midtown site.

By pure coincidence, the stream was made live just as the Memphis area made national news for a stolen aircraft being flown within Memphis's airspace on Saturday September 3rd. This made for the first real "pressure-test" of the service with nearly 1,000 listeners tuning in at once.

As a sponsored feeder site, MemHamWAN is able to provide connectivity while maintains the system remotely. This partnership allows for radio-awareness while keeping MemHamWAN focused on its core mission: building and maintaining a high-speed, redudant, compatible, wide-area network in the mid-south.

A folded-dipole airband scanner antenna is mounted to the Rohn 20G tower to receive aviation radio traffic in and around the Memphis area. 

To learn more about how this works, visit the wiki. To access the feed, HamWAN Memphis Metro is open to all licensed radio operators. Getting licensed is easy. We want to help you join our network. Whether you are eager to learn more or think you have expertise to offer, we welcome you. Join our Discord community to get started.